What To Do About A Pulled Hamstring

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What To Do About A Pulled Hamstring

Pulled hamstrings, or strained hamstrings, are a result of overstretching the muscles behind the thigh. If the overstretching is too much, these muscles can eventually tear. Most people will experience a sharp and intense pain behind their thigh after a pulled hamstring. Hamstring injuries are common among athletes, especially for those who play sports that require constant running and sprinting. Some of these sports include soccer, basketball, football, and track. Although it is found in sports frequently, pulled hamstrings are not limited to athletes, as anyone can develop a pulled hamstring as a result of muscle overload. If you are experiencing a pulled hamstring, Movement Concepts Physical Therapy in Rockville Centre, Garden City, and Bayside can help you recover.


Types of hamstring injuries:

There are three grade levels of hamstring injuries, with grade 3 tears being the most severe out of the three:

  • Grade 1 hamstring injuries are relatively minor as the hamstring does not tear. There will be a small amount of pain, muscle spasms, and swelling.
  • Grade 2 hamstring injuries are more severe than grade 1, as the hamstring partially tears. After a grade 2 strain, patients will often limp and experience significant pain during physical activity.
  • Grade 3 hamstring injuries are when the hamstring is completely torn. Recovery will take a significant amount of time.



If you are seeking treatment for a pulled hamstring, physical therapy in Rockville Centre could be the right option for an effective recovery. Before we can develop a treatment plan, we will determine the severity of the hamstring injury first. After determining the severity, we will then decide what the most effective treatment plan will be for you and your injury.


Overall, pulled hamstrings can be a significant injury to experience. Besides the pain and discomfort, hamstring strains can also require lengthy recovery periods to heal. Thankfully, Movement Concepts Physical Therapy can help. If you are looking for physical therapy in Rockville Centre, contact us here.

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