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With Locations in Carle Place, Flushing, Bayport, & Rockville Centre.

At Movement Concepts Physical Therapy in Carle Place, Bayport, RVC and Flushing, we take pride in helping you achieve your rehabilitation goals. Whether your goal is to complete a triathlon or enjoy a walk around the park with your grandchildren, we are here to help you reach your highest potential. Bringing you physical therapy in Rockville Centre, Bayport, Flushing, and Carle Place, our physical therapists will provide you with the best of care in a welcoming and enthusiastic atmosphere.

Patients are treated on an individual basis using a manual approach to Physical Therapy in addition to performing specific therapeutic exercises. Not only is it our goal to resolve current dysfunction but also to prevent injury from occurring in the future. To request an appointment, contact us today!

  • Gabriella C.
    Movement Concepts Physical Therapy is more than concepts - it's a living, breathing system of physical transformation. It's not just the professional care, its the attitude of the team who works there. They are fun, down to earth and they take care of people well. I am QPOC with survivor PTSD and not very trusting of healthcare professionals affirming my existence, let alone my health. Movement Concepts Physical Therapy had defied all my myths about poor healthcare service. Honestly, they do such a great job taking care of you that you almost want to break your leg just to have a reason to go to them. But don't do that. Just go when need a good PT - You won't regret it.
    Gabriella C.
  • Dr. Jonathan Michael
    Awesome Space and People. Highly Recommend
    Dr. Jonathan Michael
  • Ryan Kelly
    As an athlete and laborer I have constantly put strain on my body. Wear and tear began interfering with my everyday life leading to frustration and disappointment. I was ready to accept defeat and come to grips with the fact that I may never be able to play sports the way I used to and live a healthy and comfortable life.  I have had numerous injuries and have seen multiple Doctors and Physical Therapists over the years. Nothing seemed to help. My hope changed after I spoke to Cristina and Kristin. I felt so comfortable talking to them explaining my history. Kristin really cares for her patients and wants to see improvement.  I notice she has the ability to alter her PT plans according to EACH and EVERY ONE of her patients. (She’s funny too!) My aches and pains are going away; I am losing weight, and feeling much better. I am even back in the boxing ring! There is hope if you are feeling like me. I totally recommend Kristin and Cristina @ Movement Concepts PT. KEEP PUNCHING
    Ryan Kelly
  • Donna Jenkins
    Wonderful group of people who will give you the right plan of therapy to get you well
    Donna Jenkins
  • Michelle LoPresti
    Great Place, they will get you feeling good in no time! Also, a great group of people who work there! Everyone is so nice and caring
    Michelle LoPresti
  • Michael Zervoudis
    Great Place!!! Very personable and devoted one-on-one staff experience. You feel like you get the attention that you need.
    Michael Zervoudis
  • Joel Yeghen
    I have known Dr. Conforti for many years. She is wonderful. I wouldn't go anywhere else. I find her professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. I am able to live the active, pain-free life I do because of the fantastic job she does.
    Joel Yeghen
  • Chris Licata
    My experience at Movement Concepts has been nothing less than exceptional. I was taught the exercises that were so vital to my improvement, both in function as well as strength of the injured area. Furthermore, Dr. Conforti was most attentive.
    Chris Licata
  • Sally Felts
    I was referred to Movement Concepts following scoliosis in my spine. I cannot recommend Kristin enough. After a couple of sessions she had relieved the most painful symptoms and now we are working on strengthening my back so they do not return.
    Sally Felts
  • Aaron Cayer
    I recently finished seven weeks of physical therapy for an ankle problem.  Dr. Conforti was very knowledgeable, patient and willing to listen.  She was creative in her approach and without a doubt went the extra mile to help me!  I left Movement Concepts feeling stronger both physically and mentally.  Thank you MC!
    Aaron Cayer
  • Katis R.
    My whole life I have suffered from TMJ pain caused from grinding and clenching my teeth every night and subconsciously throughout the day. Even after using a night guard for years, I continued to suffer discomfort and pain. I didn’t think there was anything out there to help. It was so bad that people close to me would comment that my jaw would crack with every bite of food I took. After going to Dr. Jon for a few sessions, my jaw no longer cracks and I am pain free!
    Katis R.
  • Chrissy O.
    I had been suffering with some back and stomach issues when I first came to see Dr. Jon. Within just a few visits, my heartburn had greatly subsided and my back felt great too. Dr. Jon had suggested some natural supplements that I have been taking since and really feel like they have made a huge difference in my overall health. Plus, I haven’t had a headache in months and went the entire winter with not even a sniffle. I cant thank you enough for how much you’ve helped me!
    Chrissy O.
  • Carla S.
    Dr. Jon!!!! You’re a miracle worker. I have suffered with vertigo at least twice a year for the past 10 years. One mention of it to you and in about 60 seconds .. the dizziness was gone and hasn’t come back. Who knew chiro could fix that!!! Thank-you, thank-you, THANK-YOU!!!!
    Carla S.
  • Yohai C.
    I’ve been through many different chiropractors in the last 9 years. Never satisfied to say the least. Ever since Christina introduced me to you, relief of my stressful back issues and neck spasms. I have never been more comfortable with someone literally releasing air bubbles from one’s neck. It’s amazing how I know if I have a cold even all I’ll need is an adjustment. I have been referring you to all my friends and family. I love You and your team’s demeanor towards an all natural healing process with extreme personal relationship with the patient. Thank you for everything.
    Yohai C.
  • Erin B.
    Starting at week 10 of my pregnancy I began to develop extremely painful and borderline debilitating headaches. I couldn’t sleep, I felt nauseous and had trouble concentrating at work. Tylenol was not doing the trick and I was uncomfortable using it to the degree that I would need to as I was concerned it would hurt my baby. Prior to getting pregnant, Dr Jon had treated my sports related injuries so I figured I should try going back to him for the headaches. From his first treatment of my headaches through the rest of my pregnancy I was cured!!!No more headaches whatsoever!!! He’s a miracle worker.. I would recommend Dr. Jon to any woman who is pregnant for any sort of discomfort or even for maintaining a healthy pregnancy.
    Erin B.

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