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January 9, 2020
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A Word of Advice From Our Physical Therapist in Rockville Centre

One of the most interesting aspects of winter sports season is that it is a brief season that pulls the attention of 9.2 million participants each year. Though the first trip to the mountain can be exciting, the risk of injury may persist. At Movement Concepts Physical Therapy, we can help avoid this from happening. Our physical therapist in Rockville Centre can educate you about the proper mechanics for skiing as well as the most important muscles you should focus your exercise and conditioning on that can help you to accomplish your goals.


Your quadriceps may be the most used muscle while you’re rocketing down the slopes. These muscles protect your knees and help hold yourself in the skiing position. Lunges and squats are two examples of exercises that are perfect for increasing the strength of your quads.

Hamstring and Glutes

Typically on your descent down the mountain, you will keep your body in a flexed position. Mass amounts of stress are placed on your hamstrings and glutes to help keep you balanced while in this position. An injury to either of these areas can put a disappointing end to your ski trip. To avoid this from occurring, our physical therapist in Rockville Centre recommends implementing the following into your workout routine:

  • Deadlifts.
  • Step-ups.
  • Hamstring rolls.

Inner and Outer Thighs

Lower body strength may be the most important aspect of a successful ski run. Inner and outer thigh strength is no exception to this rule. Your thighs can be put under large amounts of stress as you’re trying to keep your skis together as you speed down the path. They also work to keep you stable and help with steering. To strengthen this area, we recommend that you partake in the following exercises:

  • Sliding side lunges.
  • Side-step squats.
  • Inner-thigh squeezes.
  • Inner-thigh leg lifts. 

Our physical therapist in Rockville Centre can educate you on these exercises to ensure you execute them correctly and get the most out of each activity. 

Abdomens and Back

Your abdomen and back are two of the most important muscle groups when it comes to supporting your body. Performing an activity such as skiing when these two areas are weak can lead to a serious injury taking place. Dumbbell rows, lat pulldowns, planks, and bicycle crunches are all great exercises for the abdomen and back and are necessary for skiing.

Movement Concepts – A Physical Therapist in Rockville Centre

At Movement Concepts Physical Therapy, we know how exciting the ski season can be for participants. We also realize that even the most experienced and well-prepared skiers can sustain an injury on any given run. If you are unfortunate enough to have such an occurrence this ski season, our physical therapist in Rockville Centre will be here to assist. To receive proper treatment, or learn more strengthening exercises for skiing, make sure to contact us today!

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