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November 20, 2017
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It feels almost routine to fall off of a healthy exercise and diet regimen every year during the holidays. Even the physical therapists in Garden City at Movement Concepts Physical Therapy know that it’s challenging for someone to stay on track when your schedule is filling, your wallet is emptying, and you’re constantly surrounded by delicious holiday treats. That’s why we are giving you tips to survive the holiday season so you can enjoy yourself — and not feel guilty when January 1st arrives!


Watch out for Empty Calories

At holiday parties, it’s hard to be mindful of how many eggnogs you’re actually drinking. Simply changing the drinks you consume during the holidays is an easy way to cut down unnecessary calories. To play it safe, try bringing your own healthy holiday cocktail to your holiday gatherings for everyone to try!


Out of Sight, Out of Mouth

With a variety of amazing appetizers, entrees, and desserts in your reach; it’ll be helpful to fill your plate wisely. If you usually aren’t a huge fan of sugar cookies, don’t feel tempted by their enticing holiday toppings– only grab what you will really enjoy. To avoid eating too much when sitting around appetizers for hours, fill up one plate with what you want as opposed to constantly picking small amounts off of different trays. You’ll be able to track how much you’re consuming and save room for dinner!


Plan out your Holiday Gift Shopping

We know this one doesn’t seem to affect health, but being able to plan out all of your holiday gift shopping will save you from days searching for the perfect gift and give you more time to stay consistent with your favorite physical activities! If you can get most of your shopping done online then it’s even better.


Keep your Favorite Healthy Foods nearby

Simply having your favorite healthy dinners and snacks around will prevent you from wanting to indulge in a quick and sinful meal after a busy day of running holiday errands. Try also bringing a healthy and low-calorie recipe to your holiday parties!


Need further motivation and assistance in achieving your fitness goals? If you’re looking for physical therapists in Garden City, Movement Concepts Physical Therapy has multiple services such as personal training and wellness packages. Contact our physical therapists in Garden City today!


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