Common Basketball Injuries

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Common Basketball Injuries

Basketball is a fun, competitive sport for all ages.  However, the risk for injury is always a prevalent factor when playing the game.  There are many injuries that are associated with playing basketball, yet there are a few that are more common.  It is always important to be aware of the risk of injury so that you can prevent getting hurt. In the event that you do suffer an injury, our physical therapy in Garden City will help you to recover.  Contact us at Movement Concepts Physical Therapy if you want to get back out on the court.


Here are some common basketball-related injuries and how to help prevent them:



  • Foot/ankle injuries –



      • Lower body injuries, specifically to the foot and ankle, are found to be the most common in basketball.
      • Due to the nature of the game, whether you roll an ankle, or get stepped on awkwardly, basketball athletes are prone to these types of injuries.


  • Prevention – It helps to have the right pair of shoes.  High-top basketball sneakers will help to give more ankle support, thus preventing an ankle roll.  For those who need additional support, taping the ankle and foot will help to prevent these injuries as well.  




  • Hip/Thigh Injuries –



    • Running, jumping, and almost any other basketball motion can lead to a hip or thigh injury as they place extra strain on these muscles.
    • Whether it is the overextension of a muscle or contact with another player on the court, strains and bruises are sometimes inevitable for basketball players.  
    • Prevention – Although contact during play is hard to prevent, an easy way to prevent a lot of these injuries is through stretching.  Having loose, warm muscles before you play will allow your legs to move more freely. It will prevent stiffness and overextension of these areas.  



  • Knee Injuries –



      • ACL and meniscus injuries are the most common knee injuries seen among players, although knee injuries as a whole are not as commonly seen.  Nonetheless, knee injuries are still the third most frequent injury seen in basketball.
      • These types of injuries occur from a quick twisting motion or change in direction and can generally put athletes out of play from six months or up to one year.


  • Prevention – Strengthening your leg muscles around the knee is important in overall support of your knee.  In addition, as mentioned above, stretching is equally important in preventing these injuries as well.  Also, if you know you are more prone to a knee injury, getting a good knee brace for extra support is also a good idea.  



Physical Therapy in Garden City

Basketball is a great sport for any age and the risk of injury should not stop you from playing the game.  If you follow simple preventative steps, you can help yourself stay away from injury.  In the event that you do suffer an unfortunate injury and are seeking physical therapy in Garden City, Movement Concepts Physical Therapy is here to help you recover.  Contact us today so we can help you get back to playing the game you love!

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