Treatment For Back Spasms

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physical therapy in Bayside

Treatment For Back Spasms

A back spasm is an involuntary tightening of the muscles in the back that could cause just mild discomfort or severe pain or even the inability to move. Without proper treatment, back spasms could last way longer than you want it to. Physical therapy is among one of the most efficient ways to treat back spasms. If you’re seeking the best physical therapy in Bayside, Movement Concepts Physical Therapy can ease your back spasms and give you the care you need.


Causes Of Back Spasms

  • Injury to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in the back. Most common injuries result from weight-lifting or trauma such as falling.


  • Being extremely dehydrated is another common cause. If you’re engaged in physical activity and aren’t drinking water, you are very much likely to have a back or muscle spasm.


  • If you have weak or strained abdominal muscles, you’re at a greater risk of experiencing back pain.


How Can Physical Therapy Treat Back Spasms?  

  • Physical therapists treat muscle spasms in two different ways: passive treatments and active treatments. The goal of passive treatments is to get you well enough so that you can start doing active treatments.


  • Passive treatments include


    • Deep tissue massages – The goal of this is to release the tension built up from tightening back muscles by using pressure and friction to release the stress.


    • Cold and hot remedies – By using heat, a professional physical therapist can attempt to bring more blood flow to the spasm to help expedite the healing process. On the other hand, our physical therapy in Bayside can use cryotherapy which involves applying cold pads to the sore spot to reduce inflammation.  


  • Active treatments include


    • Improving your flexibility through various stretching exercises.
    • Increasing your strength through a weightlifting program.


If you think you are suffering from a back spasm and need treatment, our physical therapy in Bayside can help you! Contact Movement Concepts Physical Therapy to make an appointment!  

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