Healthy Exercises for Back Strength

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Healthy Exercises for Back Strength

You may not realize it, but we use our back muscles for essentially every daily activity we do. These activities can range from going to the gym to carrying in the groceries. There are 140 muscles in the back that are being used which is why it’s important to maintain your back strength with specific exercises. Early signs of back pain include muscle spasms and unusual pain. At Movement Concepts Physical Therapy, our specialists can help guide you to keeping and/or regaining your back strength. If you are looking for physical therapy near Rockville Centre, give us a call today to see how we can help.


Early causes of back pain

Whether it’s acute or chronic, back pain can be developed in ways that you wouldn’t expect. Because we use our back muscles every day, it’s hard to tell when they’re being overused. Some causes of back pain include:


  • Muscle or ligament strain: Heavy lifting or awkward movements can cause muscle or ligament strain, especially when they’re done repeatedly. Being in poor physical condition makes this worse.


  • Ruptured discs: The cushions that sit in between the bones of your spine are the discs. When these are damaged, it can cause serious pain to the entire back.


  • Arthritis: When this happens in the spine, it can lead to contracting space which makes back movement extremely difficult and/or uncomfortable.


Exercises for Back Strength

  • Reverse flys: This is when you bend your body forward while moving your arms in and out. This can be done with or without weights depending on body type and strength. Your knees and elbows should be slightly bent.


  • Bent over row: This exercise requires the same body position as the first except this time, your arms will come into your chest. This can also be done with or without weights. It’s important to keep your elbows tight and parallel to your body.


  • Opposite arm and leg reach: This exercise is done on the floor without weights. Simply get on all fours, keep your head up, and reach out your right arm while extending back your left leg.


  • Superman or swan dive: This exercise is also done on the floor. Using your back and abdominal strength, pull up your upper body and feet without pushing off the ground. This not only helps build muscle, but it’s a great way to stretch out the back.

Doing these exercises with the help of a physical therapist can really make a difference for your back health. If you are starting to experience back pain and are looking for physical therapy near Rockville Centre, Movement Concepts Physical Therapy is here to help! Give us a call to set up an appointment or consultation.

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